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Well, that’s how the podcast started anyway. For most of my life I’ve been a freelance writer, mostly nonfiction, often working in marketing and always shelving my creative work to the dusty reaches of various hard drives or cloud storage.

Over the past four years my life changed. Kids grown, divorce, moved to another part of the country; just me and my trusty dog.

I have time, I have experience, I have the desire to write; why not go back to my early desire to write fiction? To keep myself accountable and entertained I started the 1001 L.A. Nights Podcast, it was an effort to make sure I write the damned book. Then sometime a few weeks ago, I decided to look into doing audiobook narration and slowed down my writing schedule… I like reading, almost more than I like writing. So I put out a call to action to read short stories and vignettes of novels by writers in the Twitter #writingcommunity.

Holy moly! It’s taking off and I’m excited. I get to keep plugging away at my own work AND highlight many other writers at all stages of their careers. Here’s a few of the episodes linked below. Going forward I’ll add each one into it’s own blog post.

If you want me to feature your work, just go to the top of the website and click the submit your work tab. Fill out the form and I’ll let you know when I get you on the schedule.

Want Ad Free Listening? For as little as $2 a month your support gains you access to ad free and full episodes of each podcast/reading. Plus your work jumps to the head of the recording cue. Find out more here – http://patreon.com/1001LANights

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