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The Podcast

Scherazade told stories to the Sultan to save her skin, L.A. Rivers tells them to stay living in hers… 1001 LA Nights Podcast is dedicated to bringing stories to life. Each episode celebrates authors at all stages in their writing career and offers the writing community invaluable advise on writing process, editing, indie and self publishing and marketing. (For industry insights we’ll have traditional publishing experts on for the skinny you need to know.) Subscribe

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Your story brought to life by the versatile and smooth voice of L.A. Rivers on the 1001 LA Nights Podcast. We love to support authors of all genre, publishing means and stages in their career. When the story lady reads your piece she brings it to life in magical ways that help your audience truly connect to your work! Submit Your Story Here

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L.A. Rivers is the producer and host of 1001 LA Nights.

A Magical Voice… Author, Paul Grealish

L.A. Rivers IS the Story Lady. For more than 3 decades L.A. Rivers has delighted children and adults by reading stories and making characters and worlds jump off the page. Rivers brings her love of stories, the written word and the people who craft the tales to the table in every rich episode. Not just a pretty voice, L.A. Rivers brings her 15 years as a creative enterprise developer to each episode giving valuable hints and tips to help writers and independent creatives build their dreams into a reality.

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